There is very rare moments in a life of modelist and to be able to run a 24h endurance race is one of them. Avio & Tiger offered this opportunity in February to 11 teams composed by around 50 pilots.
To place everybody at the same level the choice was made to impose the use of the HPI Racing Blitz model, and this choice was the good one. After more than 600 kilometers for the first team, the Blitz showed an extreme resistance and all the pilots were amazed by the endurance of this model. Almost no pieces were changed, just the brushed engine had to be replaced regularly, which is perfectly normal.
The Saturday morning was dedicated to free practices, where the team 6 already showed her supremacy and won the pole position.
The start of the race was at 4pm after a presentation of all the teams. This one was copied on the start of the famous french race, «les 24 heures du Man». The mechanics had to quickly run to the car to install and plug the battery.
When the organization was expecting a quiet race level considering the long time to run, the pilots ran at a crazy intensity during the whole 24 hours, blowing continuously the turn record !!!
To give you an idea of the intensity, 4 hours before the end, the 3 first Blitzs were separated by less than 30 turns.
The finish was AMAZING !!! The team n°6 won the race with just 8 turns in advance before the second one. The teams in second and third position were just separated by 4 seconds !!!
Can you imagine that the winner team ran 611km with the HPI Racing Blitz completely out of the box, changing no pieces excepted the engine !
1Team Turbo Miramas Dream Team
2Team MACR 1
3Team Paca
4Team MCT le Thor
5Team MACR 2
6Team Doudou Dream Team
7Team FGH
8Team BB Models
9Team Electro Power Gap
10Team Belge BHM
11Team Sboroni